Custom Wholesale Order - The Papery

Custom Wholesale Order - The Papery

This is a custom wholesale order for The Papery for 156 greeting cards as listed below. Each card measures 5"x7" and includes one of the printed animals or flowers on the front. The folded card is blank on the inside. Each card (with its envelope) is wrapped in a cello sleeve.

FLORAL ANIMALS (56 cards):
6 x Deer Fawn w Flowers
6 x Bunny Rabbit w Daisies (around neck)
6 x Duckling Floral
6 x Chick w Tiara
6 x Unicorn Floral Crown
6 x Lamb Floral
6 x Fox w Flowers

4 x Gray Squirrel w Flowers
4 x Black & White Cow Floral Wreath

3 x Pig Floral #1 (crown)
3 x Pig Floral #3 (around neck)

FARM ANIMALS (32 cards):
6 x Nubian Goat (Face)
6 x Foal Pony Horse (standing)
6 x Ducklings (trio)
4 x White Calf Cow (Face)
4 x Pink Pig (Face)
2 x Baby Lamb Face
2 x Lamb (Standing w Back Foot Out)
2 x Lamb #2 (Standing)

6 x Tan Bunny Rabbit (Standing & Looking Right)
6 x Gray Bunny Rabbit (Sitting: Back View, Can See Tail, & Looking Left)
6 x Gray Bunny Rabbit Face
4 x Hedgehog #2
2 x Deer Fawn #1 (Standing w All Legs Out for Balance)
2 x Deer Fawn #2 (Standing)
2 x Deer Fawn Lying Down

4 x Baby Elephant
4 x Lion Cub
4 x Baby Jaguar
4 x Baby Zebra
4 x Mother & Baby Elephant
4 x Giraffe (Face, Looking Sideways)
4 x Lion (Face)

FLOWERS (12 cards):
6 x Bluebonnet Wildflower
3 x White Magnolia
3 x Pink Magnolia